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And now a word from my sponsors...

Web Programers Notebook

Simple answers to questions you're afraid to ask

OK, first I'll admit I'm not really much of a programmer.  But I do maintain my own sites and have helped friends from time to time.

That means I've spent days slogging through unhelpful corporate web help pages, Googling desperately for help, digging through forums and blogs.

I'm thinking I'm not the only person with simple, basic questions so I've started this page of notes.  I hope you find it helpful!

Q:  I just got a cool paid hosting account with GoDaddy. 
They say I can add a second domain for free.  How do I do this?

This is great if you have a main site, but want to add on a 'play' site just to see how it works out.  You can always add a second hosting account to go with your second domain name later.

First of all, we are assuming that you own two domain names.  Remember, your domain name registration is different than your hosting account.  In order to do this you need to actually own the two domain names in question. 

In their documentation their domain names are and 

Sometimes I am a natural blonde, so that was confusing to me.  So in my example I am going to use the names and is the big, main one we pay for hosting. is the little play one we're going to attach to MainHostedSite.

So, for this exercise we own both domain names and both names are registered with GD, and our main hosting account for MainHostedSite is also at GD.

First, if you are using the Free Hosting for, you need to cancel it.  (You know you are using the free hosting if GoDaddy ads appear on the top of your page).


From the Main page click on Hosting & Servers.

You will get a list of all your domain names hosted there. Your paid and the free ones.

Click the check box next to the FREE HOSTED one (in our case SecondPlaySite) that will be moving to your paid hosting account for MainHostedSite.

Click the box marked CANCEL ACCOUNT.

The screen will refresh.  On the extreme right column there will be a warning, asking if you really want to cancel your hosting account.  Click on the green button to SAVE CHANGES.

After the page refreshes again you will get a page asking you to give them feedback.  If you click on RETURN TO MY ACCOUNT you are not sent back to your account for some reason.  Don't get confused.  The only way to get back to your real account page is to click on MY HOSTING ACCOUNT under Hosting & Servers.

When the page refreshes you should not see the free paid one (SecondPlaySite) there anymore.  NOTE:  This will remove your website from the internet.  It will not appear again until you move it to the new paid hosting account (on MainHostedSite) and  publish it anew on the paid hosting account.  Plan accordingly.  And always, always make backups of whatever files you are going to be working on.  Try switching late at night so you don't risk losing visitors.

Now we are ready to add SecondPlaySite to the paid hosting (MainHostedSite).

Go to your Hosting Control Center for the primary domain (in our case, MainHostedSite).
You'll see a screen with your primary domain and any subdomains under it. Your main account will have a star next to it.

Click on ADD DOMAIN.

It will ask for two things:

DOMAIN NAME field:  Enter the actual name of the secondary domain you want to add, in our case

So we are going to type in  Since you have your domain name account with GoDaddy, it may helpfully pop up automatically when you start typing in the name. 

FOLDER / field:  add the name you want to call your domain folder.  Enter SecondPlaySite (no .com) here.  Click ADD.

It should show up on the Domain Name list under your main account. 

Under the Status column, it may show as Pending Setup for up to an hour.

After the Status changes to Setup you can publish your site on the new hosted site and it will show on the internet.

Happy Browsing!