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Blue and White Home Decor

Bring A New Mood To Your Room With A
White And Blue Color Combination

By Ian MckIntosh

Colour isn't everything in home decorating, but its an element of design that you simply can't ignore; even if for you, colour is white and black or cream and other neutrals - thought and how you use these colours together is oh so important.

We will be looking at different colours and giving advice on how they can be used successfully in your home decor. We will be giving quick and simple tips to get the job done in good time - bring a new mood to your room, enhance a period style or be right on trend; do all of this and more with just a touch of colour! First up is white and blue in combination - it makes us think of classic coastal decor, blue and white pottery, fresh country homes and more. How would you use white and blue in your decor?

1) Add white and blue striped slip-covers for a fresh look in living rooms or conservatories. If your room is predominantly white then you are at an advantage with this quick update. Although a simple pattern like this one can be used amongst other patterns and won't look out of place with one other colour such as red or green.

2) Look for tiles with a blue and white print that is faintly reminiscent of the Mediterranean. They can be used for flooring a section of the patio in a mosaic style or try them on a section of wall in the dining room for a real laid-back atmosphere. A separate collection of blue and white china on display will carry the look further. These tile will also look lovely in a country style bathroom as a back-splash.

3) A lounge or bedroom that is mostly decorated in white or with washy colours, can be given a whole new look with a focal wall in navy or midnight blue. It will make your white furnishings that much brighter and stunning - you might never look back! Add touches of the same blue in accessories around the room.

4) Bored of white curtains in a bland space? Get crafty and dip dye the bottoms in indigo dye for a clever update on a budget. This will look even better if you have painted white floorboards for a fresh, beach vibe. Bring in a second, lighter blue for more interest with floor rugs or a statement chair. Alternatively, buy cheap blue curtains for a more sophisticated look in bedrooms, dining rooms or the lounge curtains.

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