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Creating A Color Pallet or Decor Theme Around Your Kitchen Collectibles

It is fun to collect vintage kitchenwares and household items from days past.  Here are a few ways to decorate your kitchen around your collection and display your treasures.

Get your color pallet from the things you collect.  Here are a few color themes to go with some of today's popular collectibles:

Chicken and Rooster Collectibles

Chickens are a symbol of good luck and chickens and roosters are popular items to collect. 

Color themes can be picked up from the fowl themselves; black, white, yellow and red.  Look to the background design for additional colors or try light blues or greens.

Kitchens with Fruit and Vegetable Art

Use colors from your favorites foods, red, green or yellow.  Balance the color with white or cream tones.

Red and white kitchen accessories blend with cherry, apple or strawberry or other red fruit kitchen themes.

Yellow accessories blend with citrus themes, yellow fruit like bananas, pineapples or tropical themes.

Blue and White Decor Themes

Many different themes are built around just blue and white.   Use this color scheme if you collect Delft ceramics, antique Chinese or Japanese pottery or French Country items.

Tie your collection together with blue or white kitchen towels, curtains or wall clocks.

Vintage Aluminum Collections

I love Rodney Kent and his tulips pattern. Complimentary colors cold be silvery blues, white and a pattern to go with your favorite pieces. 

Tulips would go with the Rodney Kent patterns, chrysanthemum flowers with Continental Aluminum.

Drop by my Aluminum Kitchenware page for more info and ideas.

Ways to Display Your Kitchen Collectibles

It is advisable to keep your collectibles under glass in the kitchen to protect them from everyday grease and grime from cooking and normal kitchen activities.

Glass covered shelves are perfect for displaying a large collection.  Or replace the front of one of your cabinets with clear glass to show things off.

Smaller pieces can be hung on the wall in shadow boxes from a frame store, or ones you make yourself.

Poster frames are a good size for your vintage linens.  Frame them up and you never have to wash or iron them again!

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