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Vintage Fruit & Vegetable
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Strawberry Vintage Crate Label ArtBeautiful, funny and sometimes racy, fruit and vegetable labels were created to catch the eye of consumers on cans and labels for produce crates. 

Early in the 1900's growers and merchants used beautiful artwork to entice people to buy their fruits and vegetables. 

Embarcadero Pears Vintage Fruit Label ArtArtists created sun drenched landscapes and romantic scenes to make their fruit and vegetable produce stand out.

The artwork on these vintage crae labels can now be appreciated for their unique beauty and have become popular retro kitchen decor.

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New Retro Art

These designs are all based on restored artwork from original crate labels
They have been updated and reproduced for modern kitchens
Visit my store to see them all!

Vintage Fruit Crate Label Artwork Vintage Fruit Crate Label Artwork

Vintage fruit art of strawberries, apples and other fruits and mythical mermaids from authentic crate labels, with restored colors and room for your own custom text and messages.
Primrose Flowers Retro Label Art Pink Primrose Sugar Corn Label Art

Primrose Flowers Sugar Corn Vintage Vegetable Label Art. Beautifully restored from vintage crate label art with bright pink, red and white flowers on a blue and pink background.
Embarcadero Pears Vintage Fruit Label Art Embarcadero Pears Fruit Label on Blue

Embarcadero pears retro fruit label art.  A vintage crate label for yellow pears from Santa Clara Valley with a beautiful scenic landscape of seagulls and a village overlooking the water. Antique art lovingly restored with brighter colors.
Artichoke Retro Label Kitchen Art Arti Chokes When he eats too fast Artichoke Art

Artichokes are a California favorite.  This unique design is based on a vintage vegetable crate label from the 1940's.  Artichokes are grown in the coastal town of Castroville, but the  cities of Los Encinos and Santa Brigita, California are fictional.  Steam one today!
Strawberry Vintage Crate Label Art Retro Red Strawberry Fruit Crate Label Artwork

Bright red strawberries tumble over a scenic California country landscape in this retro art.  All elements of my unique design are from authentic fruit crate labels produced in the 1940s.
Art Deco Vintage Label Art Art Deco Vintage Label Art

Retro label art for Royal Muslin featuring a woman in Victorian dress and branches of apples and pears on an art deco background.  I have also created a second version of this art without text so that you can add your own name and text.
Vintage Grapes Crate Artwork Vintage Grapes Crate Artwork

Vintage fruit crate art for New York State grapes with a cupid and Concord and Seneca Lake variety purple, red and green grapes, restored from an authentic antique litho print.

Champagne Cider Vintage Apple Crate Artwork Champagne Cider Vintage Apple Crate

Vintage crate label art for sparkling champagne cider with red apples retro letters and a Greek key border.

These new designs were inspired by vintage crate labels and designed to have a retro feel.

roosters and oranges retro kitchen art Oranges and Rooster Retro Crate Art

Vintage fruit crate art of golden oranges and a crowing rooster on custom stickers, aprons and more
Homegrown Tomatos Retro Gardener Saying Ask about my Home Grown Tomatoes

A unique twist on a vintage theme. The tomatoes are from a real vintage crate label.  The rest is new, original artwork.

I came up with this for my gardening website because I am a self confessed tomato snob.  Everyone has bumper stickers telling you to ask about their kids, but how many of us would rather you ask about our gardens?
Excelorator Coffee Funny Vintage Lable Art Excel-o-rator Retro Coffee Label

Excel-o-rator Coffee Excel with Excelorator Coffee! Quality and satisfaction every time.  Yes, isn't coffee supposes to help you excel?  I thought it made this new vintage label a fun twist on a old theme.
Black Cat retro halloween art Black Cat Retro Halloween Flying School

No broom required!

This unique retro Halloween art was made to look like a vintage crate label.  A magical black cat flies across a moonlit sky.

A Few Fun Fruit and Vegetable Label Links

Download my free retro cowboy crate label bookmark on my Cool Cooking Links Page...

Giant Red Strawberry
Visit the California Strawberry Commission for strawberry recipes, growing info, health benefits
-- and find out about the Strawberry Festival!

Try the easy recipe for chocolate dipped strawberries
on the Chocolate Cooking Tips Page

Giant Green Artichokes
What is an artichoke and how do I cook it?

Artichokes are fabulous vegetables.  Visit The California Artichoke Advisory Board in Castroville, California for recipes, news, festival info and more!

Visit the California Tomato Commission for tomato recipes,
nutritional tips and a cute kids page!

Vintage Fruit and Vegetable Crate and Can Labels Now Appreciated As Artwork

Beautiful, funny and sometimes racy, fruit and vegetable labels were created to catch the eye of American consumers in the produce department.  Beginning in the late 1800's farmers and merchants used artwork of colorful fruits and exotic vegetables to entice customers. 

Before becoming available as framed art, some cooks took their favorite labels off cans or crates themselves to frame and hung them up in kitchens and restaurants.  Today fruit and vegetable labels are collected for their beauty and are exhibited at museums and kitchens around the Untied States.

Some early can labels had gold foil and used expensive embossed papers.  Larger food labels, known as crate labels were glued to the ends of produce crates as they were shipped out of the fields to market.  Artist created sun drenched landscapes and used bright colors to make their produce stand out. 

Drawing on the romance of the Old West, some brands had names like Bronco,  Western Queen and Majestic.  Gods and royalty are represented in stone lithographs against dramatic landscapes.  On one label, Triton the sea god sits on a cliff overlooking the ocean in Washington state.  In others, glowing oranges are set against romantic sunsets and bright red strawberries tumble over a serene California farmland.  Giant artichokes floating over choppy seas and tomato ranches grace other labels.

Today, crate label artwork is still found in modern kitchens - except it is kept on the wall.  This early form of advertising art is perfect for the kitchen and adds a retro touch of home to offices.  And it just might help us to remember to eat our apple a day.

Here is a link to an online exhibition of California Crate Labels by The California Historical Society.

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