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Quick & Easy
Kitchen and Home Tips

No Lumpy Sauces:  When you need to add flour to a sauce, mix the flour with water (or broth) in a small cup first. Stir with a fork to break up lumps before adding it to your sauce.  

EZ Marinade Tip:  Defrost your frozen steaks or other meats in the refrigerator the night before.  Add garlic, herbs and spices or a marinade mix for extra flavor.  If you use a packaged marinade don't add extra salt.  Your steak is defrosted and ready for the grill when you get home from work!

Quickie Food Smarts:  Check those food labels.  "Certified Organic" is a legally defined term.  Growers and manufacturers who use this word on their packaging must have met Federal guidelines and have a certificate to make this claim. The word 'Natural' isn't a legal term and just means the marketing department liked how it looked on the packaging.

Debit Finance:  Paying even $5 extra on your credit card payment makes a big difference in the long run.

Round Up Your Payments and Pay off Debit Faster: Round up your payments to the nearest whole dollar.  Those pennies really add up!

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Eureka, I have read it, brand books.

This design comes from an authentic stock crate label.  It probably dates to the 1930's.  The word 'Eureka' means 'I have found it', and is the state motto of California.  Growers would print their name and the type of crop they were selling on the blank label.  Western themes were popular and this is a wonderful example from the time.

Quickie Good Deed Links

I want to help out, but I'm just one person. How can I make an impact?

Donate cell phone minutes so soldiers can phone home for free at CellPhonesForSoldiers

Donate extra airline miles so soldiers can fly home from their bases for free at Operation Hero Miles

Donate your old towels to a local animal shelter or vet.

Take a working vacation with Habitat for Humanity.  Schedule a few days of work before you play at

Favorite Cooking and Recipe Links

Betty Crocker, lots of great recipes and cooking videos.

Better Homes & Gardens, we love their cookbooks, now love their website; recipes and coupons too!

Jiffy Mix, their cornbread mix is a staple in my pantry, now get their recipe book!

AllRecipes, over 40,000 free recipes and my favorite part is being able to search by ingredient!

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