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Protecting Yourself Against Overdraft Fees,
or Defensive Banking 101

Consumers paid $38.5 billion dollars in overdraft fees.  Moms today cannot afford to spend any extra money on fees.  Here's how to avoid a few common pitfalls:

Balance Your Checkbook:  Keep your balance up to date so you know exactly where you are. This is the simplest way to avoid bouncing a check.

If you do bounce, some banks may charge you for other withdrawals too.  Not everything may be deducted in date order; check with your bank for processing times.

Deposit holds:  Just because you deposited a check, it doesn't mean you have those funds available for use.  Some banks will put a hold on your deposit for up to 10 days.  If you write a check or use your ATM card against that money, the bank will be happy to pay it anyway -- and then charge you an overdraft fee

Check with your bank for their policies.  After you make a deposit go online and check your statement to be sure the funds are available.  Do a print screen if you are concerned about problems later.  If you are depositing with a teller ask them to make sure the funds are available, get a receipt.

Where to file a complaint against your bank: United States Federal Reserve

Post your banking horror story and read others at:  Consumer Affairs

Join the Move Your Money movement at

Do You Respect Yourself Financially?

There is always much talk about what the secrets for achieving financial dreams, whatever they be, are. It may seem like a mystery as to why some people seem to be able to make a lot of money, keep it and then go onto make more. The truth is these people follow some basic laws concerning money management. These laws are not difficult to understand, however they do require discipline. Money management and financial knowledge is important.

I am sure that there are some people who are reading this who feel ashamed about how they handle their money. The trouble with this is that shame or guilt about finances only creates a state of "poor" thinking and this type of thinking attracts more financial trouble. To turn this around you need to focus your energy and attention on new behaviors that will establish you to think wealthy thoughts. When you feel good about how you handle money, you can learn to trust yourself.

To improve your financial health you need to start out slowly and methodically in order to develop the good habits of fiscal management. Start by asking yourself this question: "What's the one thing you need to do in order to improve your financial well being.?"

Usually you will know immediately what it is because it is baggage that you carry around with you daily, baggage that weighs you down. Then again it may be that really have no idea. If this is the case it would be very useful to contact a financial planner. Experts with knowledge on specific tax laws and investment opportunities can assess your situation and advise or make suggestions about where you need to begin. Don’t underestimate the help they could provide you.

Once you have an answer, do something about it this week. The secret is in the doing. So, just how committed are you to paying careful attention to how you spend and invest, which is the key to making and supporting wealth?

Do you want to develop high financial self esteem when handling your money?

Do you want to develop good money habits and maintain the discipline to live within your means?

If so, you stand to benefit by increasing your level of financial self respect and confidence. Last, but not least, your pockets could end up being a lot, lot fuller.

Kim Knight, The Coach Yourself to Greatness Coach, has helped a number of clients target their goals. The Personal Life Coach is not only a sought after trusted and inspirational coach. She has also written EBooks for all those who want to help themselves or support others. There are many successful clients whose friends and family are amazed at finding out that someone else coached them on their overall transformation.

For more information, visit Kim's site at and sign up for up for her FREE Coaching Tips at

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